Best Laptops 2017

Six years back when iPad met with massive success, the analysts predicted that soon laptops will be a thing of the past. That didn’t happen and may not happen anytime sooner. The best laptops are still thriving, thanks to the innovations in the processor, graphics, and other tech areas.

There are three main players leading the innovation marathon. Intel with its new Kaby Lake processors, AMD and NVIDIA with their latest graphics cards and Microsoft with its recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update. And there is MacBook series which has seen consistent success along the years.

But when it comes to choosing one among the best laptops 2017, it’s no less than a daunting task. There are many parameters to consider – the sleek and stylish, the stable workhorses and the affordable lightweight variants. But finally, the argument comes down to cost vs quality.

Coming with the below list of best laptops 2017 was a tough job for us. We intend to provide you with as many details and use cases so that you can easily make a decision in choosing one among the best laptops 2017.

Below is the table with the best laptops 2017 and their specs.

The best laptops 2017 review parameters

As pointed out earlier, the first argument that anybody faces when choosing the best laptop is the cost vs quality. Which offers more bang for the buck. Though the price is one constraint, we will never sacrifice on the quality. Below are the important parameters to considering in choosing the best laptop 2017.

1. Processor and RAM

Irrespective of any other parameters, the processor and memory are the no.1 parameters to consider when choosing the best laptop. These two parameters decide the range of the best laptops; how smoother and faster the notebook responds, how much computing can it do, how fast can it do file operations etc. If you are into gaming, then the best laptop 2017 should have the top of the line processor in it.

The big players in the processor market are Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. Intel processors are much smoother than the AMD ones. Also, Intel had upped the game with its new generation of Kaby Lake processors.

In the recent times, the benchmarks for the processor and memory had been rocketed and the best laptops 2017 should meet these standards.

2. Graphics Processor

Graphics processor or GPU is a virtual processor which accelerates the image creation. It common terms, how fast an image or game loads in terms of frames per second depends on the graphics processor.

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The best laptops 2017 should have the best graphics processor and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It makes a ton of difference for image processing and games. Obviously, a game that loads at 6 frames per second looks nasty than one that loads at 60 frames per second.

It is safe to say that a great graphics processor justifies the billing on the best laptops 2017.

3. Power Efficiency

A notebook that drains your battery quickly is no fun at all. The power efficiency of a laptop makes it easier to maintain. The experience of the best laptop in 2017 depends much on its power efficiency.

An excessively heated laptop shuts down abruptly to avoid damage to other components. When you have games with playtime over a dozen hours then a heated laptop is the last thing you wish for. So power efficient processors don’t let the notebook getting excessively heated. The cooling effect is a must have for the best laptops 2017.

Intel processors are a lot better in this aspect and are chosen over AMD ones.

4. Display

Another important aspect that is often overlooked when choosing amongst the best laptops 2017 is the display. At the end of the day what matters is what you see on the screen and how good or bad it looks.

When it comes to gaming, the feeling of being in it as quickly as possible is of paramount importance. So displays like Full HD or 1920x1080p only can deliver you that visual splendor.

4K is superior but it’s too early to adopt it to laptops (though 4K TVs are awesome). The other factors like brightness-contrast ratio are fully customizable and are optimized out of the box. So the best laptops 2017 should have at least Full HD display.

5. Battery

The battery is definitely an overlooked parameter when choosing amongst the best laptops 2017. The toughest challenge faced by the laptop manufacturers nowadays is to offer the best Graphics along with the best battery backup. These two simply can’t get along together.

So you might have to compromise a little on battery backup when choosing amongst the best laptops 2017. Nonetheless, best laptops 2017 should have a good battery with minimum full charging time.

6. Storage

Storage can’t be overlooked when deciding one amongst the best laptops 2017. Though having more storage doesn’t necessarily improve the performance of a notebook, it does make a ton of a difference when you have to access all your files in one place vs multiple external hard disks.

The local hard disk offers superior file transfer speed compared to the external hard disks. SSD or Solid State Disks is the latest buzzword. You can’t be content with a limited storage when choosing the best laptops in 2017.

The benchmark of storage in the recent times for best laptops 2017 are in the range of 500GB to few Tera Bytes (1TB, 2TB etc).

7. Audio

A stellar display with poor audio delivers only half the experience you wish for. Though headphones will deliver that immersive experience while playing games or watching movies, you should also focus on quality stereo speakers for your laptop.

The best laptops 2017 should have excellent built-in stereo speakers. In the last couple of years, bespoke speakers have upped the game. Brands such as Harman, Onkyo, B&O etc have made their mark. You can also choose external stereo speaker setup to up the ante.

Below is the list of 10 best laptops 2017 for you.


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